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H  ello Inkers!

Ryan here. It’s March, and we’re still contributing to our blog. Our New Year’s Resolution is still going strong, whoop whoop! On that note, I’m excited to introduce you to another one of our 2017 resolutions, something we’ll start featuring every few weeks on our blog…Good Juju Story Time. And the good news is that you can help. Let me explain…

One of the reasons we started this company was an underlying belief in the power of spreading good juju --- slowing down, being thoughtful, and making a deliberate choice to celebrate those around us. In a world with increasingly negative news headlines showcasing waves of mistrust and hatred, we want to celebrate the people, ideas, and stories that embody what it means to spread good juju.

The stories we’ll showcase will be from all around us: things we witness in our lives, news stories, historical acts of good juju, and stories you’re willing to share from your lives. We want to highlight those stories that make it obvious that good juju applies to people of all colors, shapes, and sizes…those stories that make you feel something no matter where you’re from or what you do.

And let me be clear… NO STORY IS TOO SMALL OR TOO INSIGNIFICANT. We often forget that (seemingly) tiny things --- opening a door for someone, sharing the last bite of your favorite cookie, asking how someone is doing (genuinely asking…not the type of “how’s it going” that actually means “I want to make sure I’ve fulfilled my social obligation but I don’t really want to know how you’re doing”) --- can make a HUGE difference to someone else, even if we don’t know it.

To get the ball rolling on Good Juju Story Time, I want to share three quick stories with you, including one from you!

Story 1
The first story is about all of you. You may have forgotten, but when you bought your Good Juju Ink card, art print, or clothing, you also donated to charity. We finally tallied the numbers from 2016, and with your support, we helped plant 1,000 trees across the planet as part of The Nature Conservancy’s “Plant a Billion Trees” initiative. Thank you for restoring forests around the globe and helping sustain life on earth!

Story 2
The second story is about a boy in North Carolina who couldn’t stand the thought of some of his classmates being hungry. So in 2013, at age 7, he organized a week-long food drive at a local grocery store and his favorite Mexican restaurant. By the end of the week, he had collected 1,400 pounds of food and $310 for his cause. He has continued his cause every year since, collecting more than 14,000 pounds of food and $18,000 to help kids in need. You can read about his story here and here. And his 2017 Food Drive is coming soon!

Customer Juju
Our third story is from one of our amazing customers, Sara, and her 4-year-old son Connor. Connor is a foodie, and one of his favorite snacks is popcorn. Recently, Connor wanted to express his love for his mama, so he made a fantastic piece of art, which you can see below. And of course, the art was delivered with a very important message: “Mom, this is for you. And you know how much I love popcorn, right?” Well done, Connor!

We need your contributions to keep the good juju flowing!!! To share your stories, ask us questions, or just say hello, please email us at Seriously though, send us your stories :)

Until the next Good Juju Story Time,

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