Well, Hello There

H oly 2016, Batman!

That’s right. Last year was one never-ending round of Fireball-induced heart burn [cue Pitbull song and that whistle thing that happens in Tijuana nightclubs.]. From both a professional and personal standpoint, 2016 presented its fair share of challenges – some tremendously empowering and others, well, not so much. Not to mention, running a small business devoted to spreading good juju + positivity during one of the ugliest and most mind-numbingly bigoted political campaigns our country has ever seen was its own emotional hurdle, and one we’ve yet to fully conquer, ehem.

While we were THRILLED to grapple with the challenge of fulfilling greeting card orders in the thousands (thank you, loyal fans and retailers), we were not as thrilled to be dealing with apparel manufacturing complications and the seemingly infinite black hole of minutia that comes with operating a small business in the most expensive city in the world. You may have noticed that we only blogged a whopping two times last year. At one point, I was tempted to post a single GIF to this blog of animated chickens running around without heads, but the team was concerned about PETA’s response. And as a very wise woman once said, and we mean this 100% sincerely, ain’t NOBODY got time for that.

In the spirit of taking deep, deep breaths. In the spirit of focus and action. In the spirit of living our motto of “spreading good juju one illustration at a time”. We are getting back to basics, y’all. For us here at Good Juju Ink, the year 2017 is about LIVING the brand we so lovingly created over two years ago. After all, we are not a “lifestyle” brand; we are a WAY OF LIFE brand [cue insane amounts of fanfare, shouts of glee, dancing in the streets, and vigorous nods of approval]. This year is about connecting through hand-written cards, about the paper products that help us organize our inner world so that we can take action in the outer world.

We will also be sharing stories from the community and beyond about who and what is spreading good juju on this complicated but tremendously inspiring planet of ours. And you best believe we will be taking nominations and contributions from YOU, our beloved and most loyal family of inkers.

Stay tuned for all that is to come…and let’s make 2017 the year of #SPREADINGGOODJUJU!!!

With love and ink (the ink that’s in a pen, not the ink that’s in an octopus),



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