Here at Good Juju Ink, we believe that every day provides us a chance to spread good juju, understanding, and love. We're not always perfect, but Good Juju Inkers love supporting one another through the highs, the lows, the pandemics, and everything in between. That's what teamwork is all about!

juliana tyson kissick

ceo & illustrator extraordinaire

Juliana became "Juju" when her 1-year-old sister decided it was the only logical way to pronounce her name. Juju spent the majority of her life as a professional dancer, choreographer, and actress in Los Angeles but, in 2014, decided it was her life's calling to spread good juju and positivity through the age old tradition of illustrating greeting cards. Luckily for her, Juju's been able to draw up a storm since she was a Crayola-wielding toddler. And though she was classically trained in fine art, Juju taught herself graphic design by studying digital illustration on Pinterest every night for 6 hours for two years straight. This is a true story. And while she wasn't paid by Pinterest to tell you that story she IS accepting any payment that they or anyone else is willing to give her. Juju's favorite card is---ARE YOU KIDDING THEY'RE ALL HER FAVORITE CARDS.

Ryan kissick

head of business development

Avid scuba diver, wildlife photographer, and raised alongside the oceans and mountains of the Golden State, Ryan is obsessed with all things nature and - thankfully for us here at Good Juju Ink - all things Excel spreadsheets. And while he's only moderately intelligent, a mere three degrees (BA, MA, MBA) from Stanford University, Ryan makes up in awkward white man dancing what he lacks in totally underperforming client management/financial strategy/inventory tracking/shipping operations/bookkeeping...etc. Basically, there's nothing Ryan doesn't do. Except cilantro. He definitely doesn't do cilantro. His favorite card is Melba the Birthday Manatee, and he's saved every single card his wife (Juju) has ever given him. Which is a lot. Cuz she makes cards. Like a LOT of cards.

marina lieban

head of operations

head of

Born and raised in paradise (a.k.a Hawaii), Marina helps keep the Good Juju Ink ship steady with her island vibes and "everything will be fine" attitude. Possessing a brain that is 50% creative and 50% logistics, Marina takes care of website management, operations optimization, design roadmaps, and always responding to texts with THE perfect GIF. When not thinking of new ways to spread good juju all over the world, Marina can be found hiking with her mini Goldendoodle, crafting like there's no tomorrow, or doing some combination of crying/singing/dancing at SoulCycle.

kenzie fox

Senior designer

Born and raised near Grand Rapids, Michigan, Kenzie is an illustrator, designer, and self-proclaimed lover of all things warm and fuzzy. As of December 2018, she will have completed a BFA in Studio Art and Illustration from Grand Valley State University. Her hobbies include practicing yoga, searching for good gluten free food in the Midwest (does it exist?!), and proving people wrong - nicely. She likes to be considered a challenger of the status quo and an advocate for human joy via quirky, authentic illustration. Catch her on the weekend jammin' to anything from Halsey to Hozier at a cozy coffee house or walking her furry, four-legged Pomsky princess, Zeppelin. (Yes - she is absolutely a princess.)

Laura Cecibel Hernandez Aguirre

Senior Graphic Designer

Pronounced “Loudah”, she’s often described as a ray of sunshine thanks to her ability to find joy in everything!  She was born in El Salvador, raised in Guatemala, got her BFA in illustration in Florida (it took everything in her not to go to the beach every day) and currently lives in Nashville. Can you tell she has no clue what it means to stay in one place for a long time? Well it works out for her because she can’t imagine a life without traveling! Besides catching flights, she loves food, board games, dancing, more food, sunsets, rollerskating and oh, did we mention FOOD? If she ever stops talking for longer than 5 minutes that’s how you know she’s hangry and you need to fix it ASAP. It’s always been obvious she wanted to be an artist, especially since she would sneak out of theater class at the age of 6 to go to art class instead. You can catch her desk piled up with stationery products that increasingly become harder to manage now that she designs paper goods for a living. We were told that she keeps these for inspirational and archival purposes…hmm… is this just another word for hoarding? Tune in next week to find out what cute notebook or sticker sheet Laura will bring home next!

Chelsea Hanepen

Business Operations Coordinator

Hailing from the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area, Chelsea's far from your typical operations whiz. She's a former wedding industry pro with a ton of events and design knowledge in her back pocket. Chelsea is not just all about the logistics, though. She's got a secret weapon, and it's her unbridled love for design and stationery (plus, she's not ashamed to call herself a Paper Nerd). When she's not weaving her creative and logistical magic, you'll find her making whimsical flower arrangements, diving headfirst into the latest art crazes, or just hanging out with her old and wonderfully cranky cat, Bob.

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