Welcome to the World of Good Juju

Three people came together to build a company dedicated to slowness and inefficiency. Hm. No. No, that’s not quite right, is it? Let’s try again. Three people who like elephant butts came together to tell a story about the beauty of being weird. Oh dear, this isn’t at all as easy as I’d hoped it would be.


Three quirky friends--who really value being both quirky and friendly--came together over a shared love of card-giving, visual storytelling, and the power of expressing our vulnerabilities and differences with one another across space and time. Okay, this is getting better. These three quirky friends, who came from vastly different professional backgrounds, realized that—WITH THEIR POWERS COMBINED—they could build a greeting card company focused on encouraging modern peoples to slow down, write a letter, and stay present. These three quirky friends (also known as Juliana Tyson, Ryan Kissick, and Marina Lieban) aspired to create a community of Magic and Joy where illustration and design are used to spark a dialogue with consumers about the mysteries and beauties of being a person. Good Juju Ink! Yes! You guessed it! With an emphasis on conscious consumerism, preserving our earth, and the very real reality of “what goes around comes around”, the spirit of Good Juju Ink is rooted in the notion that, with every day we are given, we have the choice to spread good juju, good vibes, good spirit, understanding, love. And really, what is more important than that?

Join us, as we embark on the journey of creating and growing a small business.  Exchange ideas with us, offer your own personal narratives about how hard/how rewarding it is to communicate self. Be inspired. Be tickled. And maybe offer a friendly word of encouragement when we fall down. Because, inevitably, we always do. 

For more on how Good Juju Ink gives back, check out our Spreading Good Juju page. 

Three quirky friends who love elephant butts

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