Snacks, Etc. Market List Notepad

$ 12
Here at Good Juju Ink, we love snacks. That got us thinking. How much more snacking could we do if we had 8 arms---and what snack would we put in each arm? The possibilities are endless! But alas, we are not octopus, so we settled for making this notepad, which allows us to jot down all of our favorite treats, even if we only have two hands to gobble them down.

Product Details:
  • Notepad measures 8.5" x 4.25"
  • Tear-off binding
  • 60 lined, illustrated sheets
  • Each sheet features gold foil stamped lettering 

10% of sales go to SeaLegacy, a remarkably innovative nonprofit dedicated to turning the tide for our oceans. Check out our Oceanica collection for more products that contribute to preserving our amazing underwater world!

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