At the heart of Good Juju Ink is the notion of spreading good juju, good spirit, good energy---a.k.a. love.  We spread good juju by sending thoughtful cards to those we already know and care about, but we also think it’s important to spread good juju to those we do not know, to those in our greater community, to the world at large.  Therefore, a portion of ALL of our proceeds goes toward supporting the charitable works of some pretty fantastic nonprofit organizations. 


Good Juju Ink + Animal Love = Conserving our Planet
It's no secret we are MAJOR animal lovers and appreciate everything the natural world has to offer, so a portion of the proceeds from our Good Juju Ink sales goes to  
The Nature Conservancy.  In addition to helping humans and nature live in harmony, they also fight to protect our beloved elephants around the globe.


Good Juju Ink + University = Education for All
We also are big believers in education (our co-founders hold a whopping six higher education degrees between the three of them). With the launch of our Good Juju University line, we are donating a portion of all university sales to CollegeSpring.
CollegeSpring helps students from low-income backgrounds boost SAT scores, navigate college admissions and financial aid, and confidently pursue college degrees. CollegeSpring and Good Juju Ink believe that all students should have the opportunity to choose a four-year college education, regardless of their background.


If there is a particular charity YOU feel passionately about, please don’t hesitate to tell us!  We might even consider donating there.  Our email address is

Spreading Good Juju