Ye Olde Thank You Note - Boxed Set of Six

$ 8 $ 16

If there's one thing we try to teach and preach and practice here at Good Juju Ink, it's the power of the thank you note. And yes, while it's totally inconvenient to physically write out a thoughtful message, and check your spelling so that you don't come across as a fifth grade drop out, or stockpile envelopes, or ensure you have the correct mailing address, or scramble to find that lone stamp you swear you saw in the back of your desk drawer behind all those loose receipts that are uncomfortably close to a weird sticky blob of rubber bands and expired gift cards to some place called Blockbuster---it's also THE BEST feeling in the world to receive a handwritten note in the mail. And what you'll come to find is that sending them becomes a cherished ritual you wouldn't give up for anything. So come along. Join us in being a little old school. In slowing down. In being a little more thoughtful. In spreading good juju. Thy feather pen awaits... 

Cards are blank inside.

-Cards measure 3.5 x 4.875 inches
-Masterfully letterpressed on Powder Green 110# Colorplan paper
-Also available as a single card

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