We've All Got Baggage

You know what. No one's perfect. We've all got baggage. And you know what else? Baggage is not shameful. Heck, it makes us who we are. So the next time you're comparing yourself to someone you think is oh-so-normal and utterly-baggage-free and totally never stays up all night having panic attacks about god-knows-what while also eating everything in the fridge and analyzing past relationships---just remember, that's crap. We're all a bunch of beautifully complex humans with plenty of history. Celebrate your bundle of life luggage with this adorable and humorous print. Hang it up. Be proud. Then have a glass of wine. Or three.

This illustration is available in two sizes (8x10 and 5x7), and is masterfully printed on white, 100# heavy-and-slightly-textured cardstock---delicious to the touch.

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