Pretty Darn Tall Birthday

As kids, we make certain assumptions about the way things work. Cooties are a reality…you can practically see them. There is always someone chasing you until you reach the light switch. And, a person’s height is directly related to how old they are. If you’re young, you’re small. If you’re old, you’re tall. The oldest person in the world would then, obviously, also be the tallest person in the world. It’s logic. If you know someone turning an age they consider pretty ‘up there’, remind them things could be worse---they could be seventy-five feet in the air. #realbackproblems

Inside of card reads: "Yep. You'd be pretty darn tall. Happy birthday!"

-Card measures 4.25 x 5.5 inches
-Digitally printed on 100# heavy and slightly textured cardstock

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