Pearl of Life Birthday

Birthdays can be tough times for a lot of people. We assess what we’ve ‘done’ or ‘purchased’ as evidence of our success and self-worth. And that’s a very dangerous (not to mention inaccurate) habit to get into. In an effort to redirect focus back onto what is actually priceless about our lives here on this strange and beautiful planet, Good Juju Ink created the “Pearl of Life” mantra (listed here as a birthday card, but also available over here as a letter pressed art pint). “Pearl of Life” is a reminder that treasure is not (nor is it ever) the thing itself. At the end of the day, a pearl is just a shiny piece of oyster poop (or, you know, probably something close to that). Rather, what gives treasure its value is its story, its claim to endurance, its unique history. Our stories, our quests of endurance and determination, our unique histories that makes us us are a rare and exceptional trove so far beyond the contained and temporary rewards of any and all tangible “stuff”. But that’s a truth very easy to forget. So, if you know someone who’s suffering a particularly bad bout of “I’m not good enough” this birthday, this might just be the card for them.

Inside of card reads: "Keep growing."

-Card measures 5.5 x 4.25 inches
-Digitally printed on 100# heavy and slightly textured cardstock

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