Octomom Motherhood

It was opera singer, Robert Brault, who once said, "Mother's, the most likely person to write an autobiography and never mention herself."  Mom. The original multitasker. The singer of praise. The reminder of criticism. The enforcer of rules. The driver of vehicles. The manager of moods. The nurturer. The pusher. The forgiver. The breadwinner. The breadmaker. The remover of the crust. The writer of the lunchbox note. The hair braider. The pace-maker. The pace-defying. WHAT DOESN'T MOM DO. All moms are octomoms (not just that lady with the eight kids).  Tell your mom you see her for all that she does, all that she is, and that you're thinking of her---because we guarantee she's already thinking about you.

This illustration measures 8" x 10", and is masterfully printed on white, 100# heavy-and-slightly-textured cardstock---delicious to the touch.

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