Married People Valentine

Marriage means a lot of things. Most of them center around maximizing cheese-eating and minimizing the chances of your partner dying by way of your farts. When you’ve found your person, “Valentine’s Day” cuts to the chase (and the cheese) in a way you never thought it would. Romance turns into the little things and basically has nothing to do with lingerie, unless of course you’re offering to wash it or pick it up from the dry cleaners. Romance for married people is about effort, because there is literally nothing sexier than your husband or wife offering to go pick up over-priced health food after they’ve voluntarily completed a variety of mind-numbingly mundane house chores just so that the two of you can fall asleep about 45 seconds into a movie you will never end up watching. It’s beautiful really.

Inside of card is blank.

-Card measures 5.5 x 4.25 inches
-Digitally printed on 100# heavy and slightly textured cardstock

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