Lunchbox Love - Mom

$ 2.75 $ 5.50

Nothing beats the elementary age thrill of unpacking your lunchbox at school.  What flavor of sandwich is in there today???  Did I get Oreos or Nilla Wafers for dessert???  OMG DID I GET TWO CAPRI SUNS?!?!?  While the suspense of finding out where you landed in the daily hierarchy of school lunches was intense, the real treat was finding a love note from mom tucked discreetly amongst all your carefully packed goodies.  While we can't guarantee it will make her cut the crusts off your sandwiches for you, sending mom our Lunchbox Love Mom card will definitely bring back some warm and fuzzy nostalgic feelings.

Card is blank inside.

-Card measures 5.5 x 4.25 inches
-Masterfully printed and foil stamped on White French Paper


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