Fabulous Monkey, Fabulous You

In case you've forgotten----being fabulous isn't easy. It's a skill. An art. It's a quality both all-encompassing and yet totally unquantifiable, a singular confidence that keeps on giving beyond just that one person, a unique sense of worth that is as grounded in reality as it is larger than life. The true beauty of fabulous people is that they make those around them feel fabulous, too. And it's important to note such good juju. In a society that suffers from tremendous insecurity and tends to focus WAY too much energy tearing people down, let's instead give a positive shout out where a positive shout out is due. Join me in healing the world one fierce and fabulous affirmation at a time.

Inside of card is blank.

-Card measures 4.25 x 5.5 inches
-Digitally printed on 100# heavy and slightly textured cardstock

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