Elephant Never Forgets Thank You - Boxed Set of Six

$ 16

Remember that dread you felt the morning after your childhood birthday parties knowing the "don't forget to write your thank you notes" lecture was lurking around every corner? You didn't even WANT the purple fuzzy sweater from Aunt Irene, and why did grown-ups expect six year olds to be cognizant, functioning human beings anyway?? Well, now you can make your parents (and, most importantly, yourself) proud of the polite, adult-like (because let's not get carried away here) creature you've become by sending these sophisticated-yet-whimsical copper foiled pieces of awesome. Because while an elephant never forgets to say thank you, we humans sometimes need reminders...and while you may never, ever like fuzzy purple sweaters, Aunt Irene really, really thinks you do.

Cards are blank inside.

-Cards measure 3.5 x 4.875 inches
-Masterfully foil stamped using copper foil
-Printed on 100% tree free 110# Crane's Lettra cardstock
-Also available as a single card

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