Merry Christmukkah

Perhaps the first time you officially heard the term “Christmukkah” was on an episode of the acclaimed T.V. drama, “The O.C.”, where the character of Seth Cohen creates the holiday to signify his upbringing in an interfaith household.  But Christmukkah was not born on cable television my friends, no no. Thousands of families across the country (and the world?) have been celebrating this modern holiday mash-up for decades.  Whether your dad is Jewish and your mom is Christian (or vice versa), or you simply want to celebrate both holidays because they are AWESOME---our Christmukkah card is the perfect paper greeting for the multicultural household.  And besides, nothing says hope like latkes AND gingerbread.

Inside of card is blank.

-Card measures 4.25 x 5.5 inches
-Masterfully letterpressed on 100% tree free 110# Crane's Lettra cardstock
-Also available as a boxed set of eight

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