An Artist Cannot Fail

Can we just take a moment to give an “amen” to this one right here? As some of us know all too well, an artist’s journey into the professional market can be, well, pretty stinking challenging. Issues like self-doubt, rejection, isolation, and financial insecurity loom constantly. Being an artist is hard y’all. It takes courage. From wearing ski coats to bed as a means of avoiding charges to your heating bill, to almost assuredly never having weekends or luxuries like medical benefits, to crying at the bank when they reject your loan request for the fourth time, to skipping meals even though you’re waiting tables, to hearing—yet again—the same speech from your parents about getting a “real” job and not letting that college education or that ‘brain’ of yours go to waste…We salute you, fellow artist. Hang in there. You have already succeeded just by waking up and choosing your truth.

This illustration measures 8" x 10", and is masterfully printed on white, 100# heavy-and-slightly-textured cardstock---delicious to the touch.

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