Good Juju for Our Planet

It's time for all businesses to start making sustainability a major priority. We know it’s not feasible for every business to become green overnight. But we can ALL start moving in the right direction, no matter what industry we’re in or where we operate. Below, you can read about some of the steps we're taking..

Reducing Single
Use Plastics

In the greeting card industry, plastic greeting card sleeves create a huge amount of plastic waste. To combat this, we're transitioning from plastic sleeves to paper-based packaging. Single greeting cards bought on our website will be packaged using Kard Klasps instead of plastic sleeves. Plus, throughout 2021, we're migrating wholesale orders to paper packaging and educating retailers about why this is important and easy to integrate.

Environmentally-Friendly Papers

More than 95% of our paper is either FSC-certified, tree-free, or recycled. That’s true whether you purchase a greeting card, stationery set, gift wrap, gift tag, notebook, or notepad. Sustainability is a key consideration when we choose papers for new Good Juju Ink delights!

Donating a portion of
proceeds to environmental

Every year, we donate a portion of proceeds to environmental organizations, including The Nature Conservancy and SeaLegacy. At least 1% of sales goes to conservation---and for some products, the contribution is even higher! For example, 10% of sales from our Oceanica Collection goes to SeaLegacy. That will be the case whether you buy an Oceanica product today or 5 years from now.

get in touch

If you have other ideas for how we can run our small business more sustainably, please let us know. We’re always looking to learn and improve!