Egypt Papyrus Spiral Notebook

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A native species of the Nile valley, the papyrus plant played an integral role in ancient Egypt. It's imagery is everywhere--from the pyramids, to the pottery, to the jewelry, to the furniture. And it was used to make everything--paper, baskets, sandals, mats, rope, blankets, tables, chairs, mattresses, medicine, perfume, food, and clothes. Papyrus was seen as a natural symbol of life itself. We were inspired to depict the papyrus plant in a cascading, modern pattern that is ever so delicately kissed with foil. Gorgeously bound with a gold spiral and hardback covers, this notebook will give its owner aaaall of the fancy feelings.

-Notebook measures 6" x 7.5"
-Gold double-O wire binding
-280 lined pages
-Front and back covers feature full color illustration + gold foil elements
-Inside cover features gold foil illustration + personalized inscription

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