Adventurer Birthday

$ 5

We all have someone in our lives that could literally live at R.E.I…amirite?! It’s like their Nalgene bottle is permanently sewn to the palm of their hand and they’ve never worn anything but an earth-toned, quick-dry cargo short. They travel to countries by themselves. They eat space food. They’ve camped in places you swore you only heard about in Lord of the Rings. They’re an adventurer. A real one. And their journey is worth celebrating. Let the trailblazing, tent-making, risk-taking, truth-seeking, adventure-loving person in your life know you’ve been watching---and you cannot wait to see where they go, or what they do next.

Card is blank inside.

-Card measures 4.25 x 5.5 inches
-Masterfully letterpressed on 100% tree free 110# Crane's Lettra cardstock

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